cats and dogs can live in harmony together

are you having problems with your cats behaviour?

is your cat not using the litter tray?  it could be in the wrong place, or, if a multiple cat household, then you may need more trays.

have you just decorated and your cat is already ripping the wallpaper? could be the cat needs his scent back in the area.

a cat can give so much pleasure and be a lovely companion, but they do have some basic needs that many owners do not offer.  not through negligence, sometimes it is a case of not understanding what your cat is trying to tell you.

have you got a naughty cat who wants to claw you to shreds?

maybe he was not wanting to be picked up and cuddled at that moment in time.

having problems?  then give me a call for a friendly chat and arrange an assessment.

are you thinking of getting a new cat or even a kitten?  

please consider checking out your local rescue centres rather than a backyard breeder.

rescue centres regularly have kittens needing homes and many cats of all ages.

when you adopt from a rescue centre, you can be assured that the cat has been thoroughly health checked by vets, wormed, de-flead, microchipped, spayed/ neutered, vaccinated and behaviour assessed and socialised.

what is that back yard breeder offering you?

are you a multi cat household and suffering with some squabbles?